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These are my personal opinions. Be prepared for strong language. If you are easily offended please leave now!

What's this all about?

Junior software engineers. From where I live and what I’ve seen there are some pretty fucked up people trying or already got into IT. There are some talented people going in from schools but they are a minority. The sad part is, the companies are already hiring the wrong people just because they need numbers and care less about the skills more and more. The whole hiring process in many companies goes down the drain when it comes to filling the predefined quotes of devs for the current year.


So the problem is this. There are many people coming in just for the money as one of the “better” paid professions. Often these people lie in their CVs and can be spotted during the interview if done with a person who knows his/her shit. Which in many cases does not happen. All that these lying fuckers are good in, are soft skills which don’t write too many lines of code last time I checked. If you have a team already flooded with unskilled people you have noone to make a decent interview with. This will only bring more dumb asses into your company creating a diarrhea of assholes that know nothing. Believe me this happens all the time.

There are traits that many of these people share.

  1. They didn’t learn anything in the school and just got through it by chance
  2. Unwilling/lazy to learn on their own (in spare time)
  3. Unable to make the least important decisions on their own
  4. Demands trainings for everything (caused by 2. point)
  5. They find the one person in the team that knows what they are doing and try to brain pick them until they loose their shit and make the task for them because it’s easier to implement it then explaining it to this fucker that clearly can’t understand a word you say.
  6. Make up issues to cover why the task implementation is taking so long
  7. THE MOST ANNOYING ONE! They ask for pay raise or promotion way too soon (of course they don’t deserve shit but being fired)

Personal growth is a big part of any developers carrier. But everyone has to invest their own time into it. When I was starting I didn’t get any coding related trainings. Everything I know I’ve had to learn myself. The learning process can be done multiple ways but talking or asking your more experienced friends or helpful colleagues helps a lot. A lot of juniors are scared asking for help for whatever reasons. Sometimes people are scared of showing their code to somebody else, sometimes they are worried they may have fucked up so they don’t ask to not get into troubles or look stupid. But you have to get past these fears to get better. Nobody is perfect and even I make mistakes but I try to learn from them and not do them next time. I can’t even count how many times I did screw up when starting and I got what I deserved for every single one of the misstakes.

But I know some people that are even more out of this world when it comes to this. Believe me or not but there are devs that simply won’t learn they ask for trainings like it’s the companies responsibility to teach them. These fuckers are wrong because it’s not. Nobody gave me any training other than some process and soft skills shit but I had no coding related training what so ever.

In the company I work for now we have tried to prepare trainings like design patterns, OOP, databases, most used frameworks, and stuff like that for the juniors (basically anybody could attend not only them). But after these took place I didn’t feel like the junior devs have made any progress. They attended because they had to but having the training alone will not teach you all you need to know. You have to put your own time into the topic that the training was about. Let’s say you have a training about MVC pattern there are many people in it and there is only so much time dedicated to it so you won’t have all your questions answered. Why not reading something on your own after it? Don’t tell me you don’t have time for it. There is always time. Even between tasks there is a little down time instead of checking your facebook status you could have read something that would help your carrier.

The shit that gets me the most are the assholes that don’t do anything and expect a promotion just because they’ve spent 2 years in the company but their skills are the same as the day they came in. And the funny part? SOMETIMES THEY DO GET THE FUCKING PROMOTION. I don’t understand this at all! But that’s on the fucking managers running the company that did this. At least it didn’t happen in the company I work for, but I do work with people from other countries and companies that’s why I’m writing this and why it concerns me.

Not sure if I alone could do something about this but I’m just a fucking dev. We are the people that make money for the company so I hope somebody up there listens. When I speak to friends and colleagues many people feel the same as me.

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