We create you enjoy.


Our sollutions are suited for all kinds of business. Small or large it doesn’t matter we have it all.


Got issues with design, application or architecture? No problem we can sort it out.


The main goal here is to provide the perfect solution for your needs.


Deliver on time with high quality.


Cross platform and reusable.


Provide a superb performance with low cost.

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Platform support

Get your favourite settings

Our products are build to be as dynamic as it gets. We try to make our solutions working for all the platforms it doesn’t matter mobile or desktop.

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Updates and notifications

Always get the latest and greatest

We provide updates on our projects as often as we can. We’re not hidding anything you can have a look at the code base anytime.

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Performance as the main goal

Perfect response time

Performance is our main goal. All of our projects have this in mind so we try to keep thing easy to use as well as making them fast and responsive.

People Behind sernato.sk

We believe in Quality over Quantity. Our work is modern using cutting edge technoligy and design patterns.

Michal Gubriansky
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Michal Gubriansky

Software Developer / UX designer

  • Mike was great to work with. He sees the big picture, is quick to produce quality results and has a great sense of humor!

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We specialize in developement of various frameworks and design for UI.

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